Why the cloud security of the mail is not a commodity

In recent years I have found that expectations for email protection (secure relay including anti spam and anti malware) were also more present than before in customer concerns, publishers and analysts. If there are reasons for this “commoditisée” view of cloud security of the email, it is not without risks. Towards “commoditisation” of safety mails? […]


SIEM, a major guarantee for securing your networks?

SIEM (Cloud security Information and Event Management) aims to collect and analyze all events safety and to generate both reports and dashboards. The aim is to monitor real-time networks to improve their safety. Expert analysis of logs and operational cloud security processes, Cyrille Aubergier discusses the main issues of SIEM . What do you consider […]


Skype Company finds its voice

The Lync processing perspective Skype Enterprise, software whose interface is already known from 300 million users, is more exciting than ever. In addition to this change, Microsoft has chosen to decline the Skype Business Online, a version of the service offered in Cloud mode. Formerly known as Lync 2013, Microsoft’s unified communications software has officially […]


Using the SI vendor, you do not use? Pros and cons of cloud ask “in-house regression”

In the wake of the use of public cloud, it has been an increasing number of user companies to “in-house regression”. Nikkei with such thoughts and Koryo feature articles of the computer 2016 March 17 issue “destructive cloud SI”. Now, why embark on in-house production is twofold. The first reason is, because if you use […]


Google, announced the machine learning service “Cloud Machine Learning”

Google Inc. is local time March 23, 2016, as a new product of cloud services, has announced a machine learning platform “Cloud Machine Learning“. Same deep learning as that support a variety of services of the company (deep learning) are trying to provide functionality to developers. The Cloud Machine Learning, scientists and developers can access […]


US Oracle, announced a private cloud service of pay-per-use system

US Oracle is March 24, 2016 (US time), it announced the “Oracle Cloud at Customer” private cloud of services provided in the pay-per-use system. To build the company’s private cloud of the public cloud with the same configuration in the customer data center, Oracle is also in charge of the operation. Usage fee is also […]


Organization, ingenuity and curiosity: the three qualities of the manager SIEM

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) aims to collect and analyze all events safety and to generate both reports and dashboards. The aim is to monitor real-time networks to improve their safety. After a first interview about the challenges of SIEM , Cyrille Aubergier, log analysis expert and operational cloud security processes, explains how to […]


Change the 47th to cloud storage does not change the role technology

Technological innovation is progressing for the persistence of data. Technology choice has been demanded that does not care about the existing common sense to the IT architect. The conventional wisdom, software and data relating to ICT systems is retained on cloud storage, it was that being processed to expand in memory of the computer. This […]


Nowadays of NAS that can be used in business

In advancing the business, sharing and backup of the file that was created on a PC it is essential. If a certain degree of scale of the enterprise, IT departments of full-time management of the infrastructure, has been operational, the site does not have to worry about sharing and storage of data. However, there is […]


Orange partners with SugarSync for an offer storage “in the cloud”

In the small world of online storage, DropBox has a great reputation, but it is not alone in its market. In the US one of its main competitors is called SugarSync . He landed this week in France through a partnership with Orange. Orange offers its business customers a solution Cloud Pro that will soon […]


“Google Cloud Platform” Tokyo Region, to open in the second half of 16

Google Inc. March 22, 2016 (US time), announced that it would open the company’s cloud services in the “Google Cloud Platform (GCP)” and “Tokyo Region” in the 2016 second half. According to the company’s public relations the floor of the existing data center that provides services to borrow by the “co-location”. GCP is IaaS (Infrastructure […]


A booming industry in hybrid cloud

Many companies were first launched in the public cloud by transferring simple processes such as email or storing data to external providers. These raids are often sufficient to encourage greater adoption of cloud computing, until many realize that they are now running their own cloud environment. From there, it takes very little to migrate completely […]


A long heritage for hybrid cloud

“The biggest system stored internally was a platform for production and video editing that required storage capacity and bandwidth, with editing workstations connected via fiber,” says t -he. “As in any case the customer required to keep servers and storage systems, we hosted a few additional servers to store files and network services with replication […]


Bring together the different forms of cloud computing with the hybrid approach

A recent study predicted that an increasing share of the IT budget will migrate capacity on site to the off-site services, such as computing and hosted public cloud. While this development seems inevitable, it will be gradual and hybrid cloud computing will play the role of bridge between these two service deployment models. Many companies […]


Simpler without inherited infrastructure

It may be easier for new companies to engage in the use of hybrid cloud services much faster than established companies because they do not have the long investment in the IT infrastructure that can make them less the obvious advantages of such a migration. Florentin Albu, CIO at the Food and Agriculture Organization says […]


Cloud of things: find a safe way out of the nightmare

Future of IT: The Cloud of Things will bring many benefits, but also create a nightmare in terms of safety for which few are prepared. Horror stories have already begun. The baby monitor transmitting a live stream on the Cloud accessible to all – and the connected teddy bear that could be hacked. The car […]


The tipping point for Cloud Computing

Future of IT: Cloud computing is it now become an accepted form of provision of IT? And if so, how CIOs can they benefit? In Chinese astrology, 2015 is the year of the goat, heralding 12 months of promise and prosperity. In technological terms, 2015 can be seen as the year of the cloud. After […]


Cloud: how to extricate ambient constraints?

Cloud Computing: Despite strong adhesion to the cloud hybrid deployments are progressing slowly, particularly in France. This is explained by complexity of the existing environment, difficult to migrate. Proceed step by step, drawing on hosters allowing very flexible transition can be a way. The Cloud projects eventually materialize last two years in France. But many […]


Box loses a little less money than expected

Business: For its fourth quarter, the storage services and file sharing Box has reported a loss of 0.26 dollars per share against 0.29 dollars expected by the markets. Revenues rose 36% to $ 85 million. Box has pretty well ended its fiscal year 2016, which ended in late January. Of the last four months of […]