Using the SI vendor, you do not use? Pros and cons of cloud ask “in-house regression”

In the wake of the use of public cloud, it has been an increasing number of user companies to “in-house regression”. Nikkei with such thoughts and Koryo feature articles of the computer 2016 March 17 issue “destructive cloud SI”. Now, why embark on in-house production is twofold. The first reason is, because if you use […]


Google, announced the machine learning service “Cloud Machine Learning”

Google Inc. is local time March 23, 2016, as a new product of cloud services, has announced a machine learning platform “Cloud Machine Learning“. Same deep learning as that support a variety of services of the company (deep learning) are trying to provide functionality to developers. The Cloud Machine Learning, scientists and developers can access […]


US Oracle, announced a private cloud service of pay-per-use system

US Oracle is March 24, 2016 (US time), it announced the “Oracle Cloud at Customer” private cloud of services provided in the pay-per-use system. To build the company’s private cloud of the public cloud with the same configuration in the customer data center, Oracle is also in charge of the operation. Usage fee is also […]


Organization, ingenuity and curiosity: the three qualities of the manager SIEM

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) aims to collect and analyze all events safety and to generate both reports and dashboards. The aim is to monitor real-time networks to improve their safety. After a first interview about the challenges of SIEM , Cyrille Aubergier, log analysis expert and operational cloud security processes, explains how to […]