Change the 47th to cloud storage does not change the role technology

Technological innovation is progressing for the persistence of data. Technology choice has been demanded that does not care about the existing common sense to the IT architect. The conventional wisdom, software and data relating to ICT systems is retained on cloud storage, it was that being processed to expand in memory of the computer. This […]


Nowadays of NAS that can be used in business

In advancing the business, sharing and backup of the file that was created on a PC it is essential. If a certain degree of scale of the enterprise, IT departments of full-time management of the infrastructure, has been operational, the site does not have to worry about sharing and storage of data. However, there is […]


Orange partners with SugarSync for an offer storage “in the cloud”

In the small world of online storage, DropBox has a great reputation, but it is not alone in its market. In the US one of its main competitors is called SugarSync . He landed this week in France through a partnership with Orange. Orange offers its business customers a solution Cloud Pro that will soon […]


“Google Cloud Platform” Tokyo Region, to open in the second half of 16

Google Inc. March 22, 2016 (US time), announced that it would open the company’s cloud services in the “Google Cloud Platform (GCP)” and “Tokyo Region” in the 2016 second half. According to the company’s public relations the floor of the existing data center that provides services to borrow by the “co-location”. GCP is IaaS (Infrastructure […]