A booming industry in hybrid cloud

Many companies were first launched in the public cloud by transferring simple processes such as email or storing data to external providers. These raids are often sufficient to encourage greater adoption of cloud computing, until many realize that they are now running their own cloud environment. From there, it takes very little to migrate completely […]


A long heritage for hybrid cloud

“The biggest system stored internally was a platform for production and video editing that required storage capacity and bandwidth, with editing workstations connected via fiber,” says t -he. “As in any case the customer required to keep servers and storage systems, we hosted a few additional servers to store files and network services with replication […]


Bring together the different forms of cloud computing with the hybrid approach

A recent study predicted that an increasing share of the IT budget will migrate capacity on site to the off-site services, such as computing and hosted public cloud. While this development seems inevitable, it will be gradual and hybrid cloud computing will play the role of bridge between these two service deployment models. Many companies […]


Simpler without inherited infrastructure

It may be easier for new companies to engage in the use of hybrid cloud services much faster than established companies because they do not have the long investment in the IT infrastructure that can make them less the obvious advantages of such a migration. Florentin Albu, CIO at the Food and Agriculture Organization says […]