Cloud of things: find a safe way out of the nightmare

Future of IT: The Cloud of Things will bring many benefits, but also create a nightmare in terms of safety for which few are prepared. Horror stories have already begun. The baby monitor transmitting a live stream on the Cloud accessible to all – and the connected teddy bear that could be hacked. The car […]


The tipping point for Cloud Computing

Future of IT: Cloud computing is it now become an accepted form of provision of IT? And if so, how CIOs can they benefit? In Chinese astrology, 2015 is the year of the goat, heralding 12 months of promise and prosperity. In technological terms, 2015 can be seen as the year of the cloud. After […]


Cloud: how to extricate ambient constraints?

Cloud Computing: Despite strong adhesion to the cloud hybrid deployments are progressing slowly, particularly in France. This is explained by complexity of the existing environment, difficult to migrate. Proceed step by step, drawing on hosters allowing very flexible transition can be a way. The Cloud projects eventually materialize last two years in France. But many […]


Box loses a little less money than expected

Business: For its fourth quarter, the storage services and file sharing Box has reported a loss of 0.26 dollars per share against 0.29 dollars expected by the markets. Revenues rose 36% to $ 85 million. Box has pretty well ended its fiscal year 2016, which ended in late January. Of the last four months of […]