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Simpler without inherited infrastructure

It may be easier for new companies to engage in the use of hybrid cloud services much faster than established companies because they do not have the long investment in the IT infrastructure that can make them less the obvious advantages of such a migration.

Florentin Albu, CIO at the Food and Agriculture Organization says that only companies which have been refurbished to the current digital age can take full advantage of hybric cloud computing. “Companies can already perform most of their applications in the hybric cloud, from the ERP to the most popular office applications (e-mail or document management). However, they can not (yet) run all applications in this way, for reasons of cost, attitude towards risk, operational model and physical limitations. ”

Gavin Megnauth, CIO group Impellam, shares a similar opinion: “If we had all the luxury to start all over again, we probably would not have the legacy of the growing split between infrastructure capacity on site off-site, “he says, adding:” I think the hybric cloud is mature, but a combination of public and private hybric cloud would be for us the first choice. ”

Finally, Chuck Elliott, Director of Technology at the University Concord, for its part that, with regard to weigh the costs against the benefits, “it seems that we are still far from”. Some services are relevant, but “other hybric cloud services are prohibitively expensive. Hopefully it’s just a matter of time before they become affordable for medium sized companies like us,” says t -he said, adding: “compliance issues can dictate controls that are not available when someone else owns your data.

The CIO of the jury of the week consists of:

– Rob Neil, head of communications and technology at Ashford District Council
– John F. Rogers, CIO, Nor-Cal Products
– Paul Collins, director of ICT, Hong Kong Australian International School
– Dale Huhtala, executive director for technology infrastructure services business to Service Alberta
– Abby Hosseini, director of technology of Mercury General Corporation
– Jerry Justice, Chief Information Officer, SS & G Financial Services
– John Gracyalny, vice president in charge of IT, SafeAmerica Credit Union
– Tim Stiles, CIO, Bremerton Housing Authority
– Florentin Albu, DSI, Food and Agriculture Organization
– Kevin Leypoldt, DSI, Structural Integrity Associates
– Chuck Elliott, Director of Technology, Concord University
– Gavin Whatrup, CIO group in Creston


The adoption of hybrid hybric cloud computing can be an effective strategy for a wide variety of companies that are more concerned with security or who have specific physical presence requirements. Although the risk is greatly minimized in a hybrid hybric cloud model, allowing access from a public hybric cloud has a remote risk of insecurity and can promote data capture. However, this applies to almost any communication on a public network.

If the starting cost of server hardware for the private component of the hybrid hybric cloud is high, the control that IT can have on the choice of material and design of systems for the private component provides a valuable means to properly align resources the company’s needs. The implementation of a private hybric cloud to run a standard workload by transferring the additional calculation to the public hybric cloud can be a long-term economic provision.

Ultimately, the hybrid hybric cloud computing allows companies to exploit the capabilities of public hybric cloud platform providers without transferring all their data to a third treatment center. They benefit from a greater flexibility in IT tasks while maintaining the most vital components inside their firewall.
The commonly attributed to Steve Wozniak saying applies here: “Never trust a computer you can not throw out the window.” With private hybric cloud, companies can leave their windows closed. As for throwing computers, it might be that employers mimic Google and its free access to the gym on campus before treatment centers technicians are able to raise a server cabinet.

“Make sure that all concerns would you have managing your own treatment center are taken into account by the hybric cloud provider: service levels, performance, security, exit clauses and even compensation in the event of data loss should all be specified in the contract, “he warns.
Whatever the size of your business, all figures are pointing in the same direction, you will soon be part of the majority who opted for the hybrid hybric cloud, if not already done.


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